It all lies within you: The classic and the modern. The bold and the authentic. You’re a beautiful juxtaposition whose respect for tradition walks hand-in-hand with your love for adventure. Like you, I crave a delicate balance of the polished and the organic—the curated and the captured. You are here for a reason.

Over the last fourteen years, I’ve captured hundreds of beautiful love stories—each equally special and magically different than the next. Along the way, 

I’ve come to cherish the fleeting moments of grace that weave themselves among the dazzling smiles and breathtaking views.

As a mother, I strive to capture those momentary glances and precious interactions that echo throughout the legacy of generations to come.  



I can’t wait to see what we can create together.
I can’t wait to tell your story. 





After an initial focus on literary arts, Alisha became enraptured by an author’s ability to spin words to life on paper. This was her bridge to art in other expressions, and it wasn’t long before pen and paper turned into a camera and a darkroom. Alisha’s poetic approach is enhanced by the use of medium format film allowing her to produce timeless, painterly quality images.

She has photographed love stories from Napa Valley to the mountains of Highlands, North Carolina, the rolling hills of Tuscany, and regal Paris. She and her husband Patrick have been married for fifteen years. They share three little ones, two dogs, and two cats in Mountain Brook, Alabama. 

Her favorite moment captured on film

The moments that aren’t expected…The in between moments that weave a wedding day together organically. 

Managing Director & Associate Photographer


Anna’s pragmatic approach to this creative industry makes her invaluable to ACP. Not only is she a talented film photographer, but she is an expert at systems - running and organizing our office daily. We laughingly say Anna is the Managing Director of Alisha Crossley - the company and the person. Alisha tosses out lofty creative ideas and Anna helps provide the necessary structure to see them come to life. Anna holds bachelors degrees in Political Science and History – a fellow story teller in her own right. Anna brings over eight years of wedding photography experience to ACP. She lives in Birmingham with her wife Ashley and their two young children, George and Victoria.

Her favorite moment captured on film

The final few frames of an epic celebration; the magic of the send off. 

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