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Our Favorite Custom Groomsmen Gift | By: Patrick Crossley

Patrick here….I’m not normally the one to provide the content for the Alisha Crossley Photography blog posts.  Primarily because my better half is a much more talented writer and communicator than I.  If, however, I am an expert in anything, it’s bourbon.  Given this, I’ll be providing feedback on the “Flask in Cask” gift from Groovy Guy Gifts (groovyguygifts.com). We were asked to review one item from this site and give our report. Clearly. I chose the flask.

As a photographer, bourbon is not only a past time, but a necessary tool in my bag on a wedding day.  There has rarely been a wedding where I wasn’t prepared. Alisha travels with bobby pins and safety clips for the girls. For the boys, however, I pack the best “just in case” item.   In the hours leading up to a wedding, nervousness can reach a fever pitch.  Even though our couples are historically madly in love, nervous energy is an automatic response.  Often, a small pop of a Kentucky-distilled beverage is just the right medicine.

Secondly, barrel-aged refreshments often go hand-in-hand with the male bonding process.  While Alisha spends the majority of her wedding day time with the ladies, I am typically with the gents capturing the details of the pre-nuptial activities.  Depending on the crowd, these activities often involve storytelling and libations.  To capture comfortable, casual, honest photos, I must earn the trust of these fine gentlemen, which often requires sharing a drink with them.  It’s a burden I must bear and I don’t take the responsibility lightly.  The sharing of my own supply of fine bourbons facilitates the relationship-building process.

Just as a photographer should have a flask at his disposal at all times, so should any gentleman.  I have test-driven a number of flasks over the years.  In my opinion, the single most important factor is finding the perfect combination of capacity and ease of carry.  While carrying a generous portion is desirable a flask must be sized appropriately to comfortably carry in the jacket or trouser pocket without hindering one from cutting a rug on the dance floor.  Enter the Flask in Cask from groovyguygifts.com.  Upon my first carry of this flask, I essentially forgot that it was in my pocket due to its ideal dimensions.  Happily, there was no trade off in volumetric capacity as this flask holds a full 7 ounces.  The flask carries a beautiful inscription that can be customized with up to five lines of your specified text.  This text could be a name or a phrase of your choice.  It comes packaged in a rugged wooden “Cask,” also engraved with a shield and initials, making for an attractive gift.  You can easily order larger quantities of the flask with customized personalization on each one. Guys … your groomsmen will love this. Legit.

Additionally, it’s not the only personalized product available from groovyguygifts.com.  There are a variety of combinations of flasks, knives, shot glasses, barware, wallets, etc. Check outgroovyguygifts.com and find something that your guys will carry with them in the future.  


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