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How To Choose The Right Business Coach For You

“I never stop learning, because life never stops teaching.” — Unknown

This week I took on the daunting task of selecting a business coach for the first half of 2021. That’s right … even a solid business coach NEEDS a coach. In fact, I would never invest in someone who isn’t actively investing in his/ her own education. Why? Because the world is continuously evolving … and not just how we approach social media and technology BUT how we coexist, how we market and mostly how we connect.

If you are having trouble deciding on which mastermind, course or coach to learn from, this post is for YOU! I want to take you through my process of choosing the right fit for ME and how I make sure my coaching students do the same.

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Know Your Why

Before setting off on the journey to find a business coach, you really need to have clear expectations of what you hope to accomplish with a coach’s service. Do you need help with a looming decision or new opportunity? Are you looking for someone to simply encourage you and be a sounding board? Do you want to improve your client experience and grow into new markets? Our needs as business owners change … we grow and evolve making us stronger and also exposing new weaknesses. Each coach has his/ her own specialty. Knowing what your overall goal is in hiring a coach has to be established FIRST.

Do Your Research 

As with anything, a little bit of research is required to make an informed decision. Research, however, can look like many different things. You could ask your friends or colleagues for recommendations, seek advice from Facebook pages, read reviews online, do a thorough search of various websites to find one that speaks to you. Make sure you take your time with this step to avoid diving into (PRICEY) dark waters head-first. Just because the individual is an acclaimed business owner or successful creative, does NOT mean they are a good coach. A large social media following does not a good coach make. While these metrics can serve as affirmation and credible social proof, be sure to DIG deeper. Investing in someone as a guide SHOULD be a weighty decision.

Hop On An Exploratory Call 

When it comes to finding the right business coach for you, it’s always a good idea to set up an initial call or meet-and-greet to make sure the person behind the pretty website with stellar copy is who they say they are. This is an important step to determine the compatibility between the two of you as well. If they don’t offer a discovery call up front, let this be a red flag. A GOOD coach won’t take on a client that isn’t a good fit. A GREAT coach will want to give you security and confidence before hitting “Buy It Now” with your credit card. Look for the person ready to invest in YOU before you invest in them.

Ask Them Their Experience  

While a successful business owner isn’t necessarily a good coach, your business coach should have extensive experience running a profitable business or two. Don’t hesitate to ask about their business background and personal success. Ask for strong testimonials from past coaching students and if they are comfortable with you contacting them.

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Be Prepared For The Long Run 

Success doesn’t happen overnight. Your business coach will most likely give you a long-term plan that will take some time to see results. It’s critical to understand that coaching is an investment, and great things will come to those who commit to the full process. If you have this mindset going into it, you’ll be golden! 

Trust Your Gut 

As someone who practices intuitive decision making, I rely heavily on my inner voice. LISTEN TO YOUR INSTINCTS. If you hit it off with a business coach and you can see this person being an encouraging guide WITH proven results, listen to that pull within. If your gut is telling you that maybe this person isn’t the best fit for you right now, that’s worth leaning into. NO ONE knows you better than you know yourself. The mindset needed to feel secure in your decisions may be one of the very reasons you need a coach. Do your research. Establish a connection. Go forward!

Finding the right business coach for you can take time. Be patient, be eager and be ready for this next step in your business!


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